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Edge of the World

Since the subjugation of the barbarian tribes, the Empire now dominates the entire span of the continent. At the far reaches of the Empire, where the land meets the Barren Sea, lies the port of Titus. Titus marks the extent of the civilized world, and the beginning of the edge of the world.

The Barren Sea is not as barren as it may sound. Sailors who dare venture report slithering sea monsters, heartless pirates, magic volcanic islands, and men riding the backs of dragons. Fanciful talk you know, but intriguing nevertheless.

Port Titus conducts a profitable trade into the Barren Sea. Merchants trade fine textiles, wine, and spice into the region for while oil, and the much regaled sunstones.

The sunstones are urgently sought after by the alchemists of the empire. Though they yield great power, they fade over time. The problem is that the governor of Titus has found irregularities in the accounting of the trade goods. It appears that someone is skimming for personal profit.

As a result, the governor's lieutenant, Regar Basso, has hired you into an undercover operation.

You are part of ship's company on the Black Clipper, an experienced merchant with scores of voyages into the Barren Sea. Your mission is to record all the stops that the vessel makes, as well as the names and descriptions of the contacts that the ship's officers make, and return with that information

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